Growing up I did not really think or identify myself as psychic. I did not have any major episodes of ghosts appearing or talking to my dead grandmother at the foot of my bed. There were no prophetic dreams signaling ends of friendships or crises in my life. 

Nope – instead I was pretty typical…well, I was never typical…I just didn’t have any major in your face metaphysical moments in my childhood. I did, however, study astrology and have a deck of animal cards and I may have done a spell for a successful first day of high school – so I guess you can’t call that typical.

When I first started to realize that I had psychic abilities I would discount the information I received because it wasn’t blatant. I didn’t see a client on a ship and know that they were planning a cruise in the future. Instead, I received very symbolic images – if you’ve read this blog for any length of time you will realize this is just how I work – with symbolic images that I then have to decipher. 

Being a symbolic psychic (I’m pretty sure I made up this term but I like it!) I would become easily discouraged reading accounts of other psychics that received more direct information. But, then I started to realize that this was just how I function – and I’m not the only one out there that functions this way.

There are many individuals who receive symbolic images instead of direct information. I started to realize this more and more when reading biographies of mediums. Mediums will typically receive an image – such as a cake – which they will then interpret to mean a birthday or a celebration is coming up. So, it wasn’t just me getting these images!

When I took my foray into mediumship I quickly realized that each spirit communicates differently. Some spirits are really good at communication and give detailed pictures of individuals, while others aren’t as studied and are harder to interpret or understand what they are sending. 

I suddenly had spirits giving me those specific images of people and photographs – showing me the inside of a house or a sweater they commonly wore. I had other spirits who were vague and hard to understand – even a dog that had me thinking he was a good friend that died young. 

This also lead me to realize that my main spirit guide works chiefly through symbolism and symbolic images and this is why my main form of psychic insight comes from these highly symbolic scenes instead of blatant information.

And there is a reason for this symbolism. A symbol contains a lot more information than just words. Imagine the scene of a ship out at see with lighting and thunder. Already you can gain a lot of information from this image. Looking at the waves you can have the energy of feeling “battered” and “bombarded” by outside forces. The thunder and lightning can signal grumpiness and lashing out. The night sky can show a darkness and uncertainty to what is occurring. The state of the ship – whether it is whole or has been damaged – can show how someone is coping with this environment. See – so much information in one scene!

My main purpose in wanting to write this blog post was to let others know that there is no one “right” or “wrong” way to receive psychic information. And don’t discount the other “clairs”. The information you are receiving may come to you in a different way – a feeling or just a knowing. These are just as valuable as someone who psychically “sees” the inside of a house or a cruise ship.

What kind of psychic are you? Do you receive symbolic images? 


  1. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairvoyant. But like you said, some spirits use symbols more than literal signs or presentations. It seems like we are all different, just as spirit people are. So the more ways we are open to receiving, the better.

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